chiropractic wellness plans

An initial visit including an exam, wellness consultation and adjustment is required before enrolling in a Chiropractic Wellness Plan. 

Please Note: Patients with acute or chronic issues may not be eligible for or be limited in choosing a wellness plan.


the basic plan

The Basic Plan consists of weekly or bi-weekly spinal check up, percussion massage & manual adjustment as part of a routine chiropractic wellness plan.


the advanced plan

The Advanced Plan includes the services of the Basic Plan plus a choice of TENS therapy, hot/cold therapy or manual therapy at each weekly or bi-weekly visit.


the premier plan

The Premier Plan includes the services of the Basic Plan plus a choice of two selected add-on services available at each weekly or bi-weekly visit.

pay as you go chiropractic & wellness


Pay as you go & full service chiropractic 

For acute or chronic discomfort or for people who prefer to just get specific services where and when needed – our “Pay as You Go” program offers a full menu of services to choose from.

have insurance?

Premier Spinal Health accepts Blue Cross State and Federal, United Health Care, Blue Choice & Medicare. Wellness Plan Pricing & Pay As You Go do not apply for insurance covered patients. 

Upon review of your current insurance plan, we can assist you in determining the most cost effective option for your chiropractic care.



the premier experience

Welcome to the Premier Experience. Our team of professional practitioners specialize in providing personalized health and wellness programs with a core focus on your spinal health.  Chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, traction, TENS therapy, rock taping and massage are all part of the Premier Experience. We help you achieve your optimum spinal health. Through dedication, professionalism, and an encouraging atmosphere you can and will achieve your Premier level of health and wellness.

accident & injury care




herniated disc


spinal injuries


facet joint injury